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Pigment lesions

such as freckles, age spot, black mole, nevus of Ota, nevus flammeus etc.

Tattoo removal: 

best solution to unwanted tattoos, including black, red, blue, coffee, brown, etc.

Act precise: 

effectively remove eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo and lip line


There are five types of tattoos: amateur, professional, cosmetic, medicinal, and traumatic. Amateur tattoos require less treatment sessions than professional multicolored tattoos. Other factors to consider when evaluating tattoos for removal are: location, age and the skin type of the patient.


The laserton laser systems can selectively destroy tattoo pigment without causing much damage to the surrounding skin [12-15] . The altered pigment is then removed from the skin by scavenging white blood cells and tissue macrophages.


Now the Nd:YAG lasers are known as the best solution to unwanted tattoos. Decades of clinical research have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Nd:YAG lasers for tattoo removal and other epidermal and dermal pigmentation removal treatments.


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